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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool #11

1.I enjoyed trying out the different tools introduced.  I think that Google Docs will be very useful when working with colleagues, I had fun using Animoto and MakeBelieveComix  and am looking forward to working these in to some centers where the students can use them.

2. I will continue to use and add technology when I can.  It would be great to find another elementary spanish class to skype with and I will definitely try to do some things where there is "real time" learning for the students.  I am being given 5 Dell notebooks so whatever we do will have to be done in a "center" type setting.

3.There is so much information in this course and I feel like I am still just touching the tip of the iceberg!
I'm glad that Atomic Tools is available to us and that we have so many technology savvy teachers on our campus that can help.

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  1. Great job, Betty in working through the tools. Even though you are not getting devices you will be a valuable team member in discussing the move towards utilizing technology in the classroom. Hopefully we can get you some devices next year.