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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool #11

1.I enjoyed trying out the different tools introduced.  I think that Google Docs will be very useful when working with colleagues, I had fun using Animoto and MakeBelieveComix  and am looking forward to working these in to some centers where the students can use them.

2. I will continue to use and add technology when I can.  It would be great to find another elementary spanish class to skype with and I will definitely try to do some things where there is "real time" learning for the students.  I am being given 5 Dell notebooks so whatever we do will have to be done in a "center" type setting.

3.There is so much information in this course and I feel like I am still just touching the tip of the iceberg!
I'm glad that Atomic Tools is available to us and that we have so many technology savvy teachers on our campus that can help.

Tool #10

Students should be taught how to check multiple sources and also be shown how to verify those sources-don't believe everything you read. We also need to make sure that our students know that what they share and write online is there somewhere forever. For our students, I think that safety and etiquette is probably the most important thing that we need to teach them.

I know that students will cover digital citizenship in their classrooms a lot this year and because I only see them once a week, I will certainly reinforce the idea. If necessary, I will use Brainpop.

The main thing when using the internet at the elementary level, I think, is that students know where it is safe for them to search for information, what to do if they do find something that they should not be seeing and that they learn to never share personal information.

I think that parents are asked to review and acknowledge that they have read the SBISD Acceptable Use Policy.


Tool #9

  1. When we use technology, it really does have to be for a reason. The technology used needs to be congruent with the lesson being presented and not just be in the lesson as fluff or as game time.
  2. We are trying to develop self-learners and stations/centers are an great time for students to show you their best. Students need to know that this is not game time but an opportunity for them to show you their best.
  3. I haven't found any that deal with elementary Spanish but will continue to look. There are many websites that are geared toward high school.
  4. I don't have iPods or iPads at this time and have not been able to look at the apps-however, after reading some of the others comments and talking with Lisa, I am very interested in several, especially iTalk. I think this program using iPods could really be a great tool for checking pronunciation.
  5. Students could use the iTouches and Ipads to video tape and record themselves having conversations in Spanish with other students.  I know they would have fun practicing "scripts" and listening to themselves and I think is would be a valuable assessment tool for me.

Tool #8

I was happy to learn more about the Dell notebooks as that is what I will have next year.  Very glad that the they have webcams so that the kids will be able to use that feature.  Also, glad to know more about ITunes-I haven't used this feature much and hope to start.

It will be very important to establish guidelines and consequences for notebook use since I only have enough for a small group to use-definitely need to set up consequences for improper use.  Also, I will need to come up with rules for those groups as they work together.

Tool #7

This collaborative project would be between my 5th grade Spanish classes.
    1. Content objective-TLW will share information that they have learned about Spanish speaking countries
    2. When you plan to implement-5th grade students will complete this project in the spring
    3. What tool(s) you plan to use-Students will use Wallwisher
    4. A brief description of the project -In the past, students have researched and created presentations about Spanish speaking countries. This takes quite a bit of time out of our very limited class time. I think this could be a fun and and informative way for students to research and share the information they find. I would like them to be able to share pictures-how can we do that?

Tool # 6
I think this might be a useful tool to use with other teachers.
Wallwisher would be a good tool to use to pretest for previous knowledge and also a good way for them to share information within groups.

Tool #5

I used Animoto to try it out.  This is a fun tool and pretty easy to navigate so I think it would be useful in the classroom,

Make Believe Comix would be a fun way to shown written dialogue-I could use it to practice dialogue for classes but I think students could also use basis phrases to create their own comics.